Cetus Argan Oil Beard Oil

Cetus Argan Oil Beard oil has everything you need to keep that mane of yours flowing. Packed with the marvelous Argan Oil, (also called as liquid gold), this amazing, ultimate beard fuel is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and provides long lasting shine that will win you accolades. The lightweight luxurious formula helps you grow your beard longer, faster and stronger.

Unlike ordinary beard oils, the Cetus Argan Oil Beard Oil is packed with the restorative properties of natural ingredients like sesame oil, rose, hibiscus, vitamin b6 and others and provides an expert care for your luscious face fur. The Hibiscus helps fight dandruff, keeps hair healthy and soothes the fur. Amla promotes beard hair production, rejuvenates the roots and locks in the ultimate nourishment from inside.

Coconut is an essential nutrient that penetrates the hair follicles and aids in faster blood circulation so that your beard grows smoother and faster. Sesame oil fights against all signs of hair fall, stops the development of split ends and gives you a healthy, lustrous, softer and stronger hair.

The Cetus Argan Oil Beard Oil is 100% free of hair damaging products like Sulfates, Phosphate, Mineral Oil and paraben, and aids to control frizz. This blend also preserves the moisture, is wonder on dry and scratchy beards, while improving the texture of your beardstrands without weighing it down. The subtle scents are perfect for those long office hours and rejuvenating weekends.

If you are worried about finding the perfect beard grooming product, you have come to the right choice. Cetus Argan Oil Beard oil aids you sport the well-groomed beard that would look perfectly professional at work. Keeping in mind the easy beard growth and maintenance, our main goal is to provide you a non-greasy formula that works wonder on your facial hair and helps them grow as per your wish.

Stay on top of your grooming game with The Cetus Argan Oil Beard Oil. It also keeps the skin under the beard soft and supple and lends sheen and body to your beard. Its all-in-one scientifically-advanced formulation quickly controls flakes under the skin, enhances manageability and also provides long lasting condition while ensuring healthy hair growth.

How to use

For best results, wet your beard and towel dry it before applying Cetus Beard Oil.

Take three-four drops of the oil on your on palm. Ensure you don’t take too much quantity.

Spread over the base of the beard, touching the skin. Use soft hands and don’t rub vigorously. Finish off by applying on the beard. Now run your hands through your hair and massage the oil gently into the facial region.

Keep looking ultra-cool the whole day long! Use it twice daily for the best results.